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Projects & Services

What is the typical length of a project?

Project length varies depending on the complexity of the project and your needs. Though most projects typically range between 1 month - 4 months. We can only give a better estimate once we understand your project. Get an estimate within 24hrs with our free consultation.

Is there a way to track the progress of a project?

Our process is transparent from the get go. We use a custom workflow via Email, Google Workspace, Jira, and Confluence that will keep you fully updated and in tune with the project's progress. You will have full visibility into the status of the project and open communication with the team regarding any questions you may have.

How many rounds of project revisions do you allow?

We have fine tuned our process to naturally allow for many revisions up front as we often jump between possible approaches. Once an idea is locked in, we have found there is usually no need for additional revisions. In the event a revision is needed, in the vast majority of cases we will include the revision free of charge and will work with you to find alternatives if the revision would jeopardize timelines or budget.

What does Infinidiv offer for support and training?

Our deliverables are always designed for non technical staff making them extremely easy to navigate. We also provide excellent documentation and basic training to properly hand off our work. Any supplementary training or consulting is always available at our standard company rate of $150/hr.

Is any of your work outsourced? If yes, how do you ensure quality?

In general, all work is performed internally by our experienced full time employees or part time contractors. This allows us to ensure quality control and let's us pivot quickly when needed. Occasionally we may rely on an external vendor for a particular tool / service to help accomplish your goals. These scenarios are always well communicated and brought up early in the project discovery.

What forms of communication do you use and who will be my point of contact?

Every project is managed by our consultants who will seek to understand your needs and will be your primary point of contact. All communication is 100% to your preference but typically via Email, Phone, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.


How We Can Help

Generate more leads

Qualified leads in your funnel fuel your business's growth. Whether you're concerned about underperformance or aiming to shatter old records in pursuit of new heights, we have the tools and strategies to get your metrics into your ideal sweet spot—and then beyond. We can help you generate more traffic and qualified leads, increase retention and conversions, or rapidly scale current success for even more explosive growth. 

To get you started, we can analyze your current setup step-by-step to help you figure out which steps in the process can be supercharged to bring you results that are out of this world.

Increase online discoverability

Your business needs to be discovered to bring value and, more likely than not, your potential clients are looking for it right now with little success. The always changing online landscape requires an adaptable, multifaceted online strategy and we'll help you create and implement exactly that. We can increase your business's discoverability and help you generate organic traffic and attention by:

1) Utilizing mobile-first web design principles during design and development (which are increasingly being used as key quality differentiators by search engines like Google and Bing) to promote organic search traffic.

2) Creating best-in-class branded social media pages and campaigns to strengthen your brand, increase brand awareness, and open up doors for organic social media traffic and paid social advertising down the line.

3) Offering SEO optimization for every website we work on completely free of charge, because we believe good SEO is an essential component of online success today.

4) Design for the phone. Many businesses and even other agencies seem to skip this crucial design philosophy. Over 63% of global web traffic is done on a phone and statistically speaking you are likely on your phone right now (or used your phone today to look at online content). Your brand should speak to mobile users just as powerfully (if not more) as desktop users.

Develop or launch a new idea

If you're looking for an industry insider perspective on your next smash hit idea or a team that can implement your new vision all the way through from concept to launch and beyond, then you'rein the right place.

Maybe you're considering something like:
- Bringing your business online for the first time
- Expanding existing operations into a new vertical or platform
- Creative ways digital technology can supercharge your business
- Experimenting with new online strategies, eCommerce, SaaS, etc.

No matter the idea, we have the know-how and experience to help. Our team has 18+ years of combined experience conceptualizing, refining, and implementing business ideas across all stages of development. You'll be getting industry-tested insights and advice that we've cultivated first-hand. No fluff, no nonsense. For us, data and honesty lead the way alongside proven strategies for success.

If it can work, we'll tell you exactly how and help you do it. If it can't, we'll tell you honestly that it can't and work closely with you until we find a different way to make your vision a reality.

Automate your workflow

You know that improvements to client-facing elements are the bread and butter of steady revenue growth, but have you also considered the potential upside of using workflow automation to increase efficiency while cutting costs? Streamlining your current operations by getting rid of redundant tasks, outsourcing tasks you don't enjoy or have time for, and improving the effectiveness of each project through new internal tools are just a few ways to save your business time and money.

We can work closely with you to develop a personalized workflow that will work for you and use automation and custom tools to get your business working optimally.

Find management for a project

Full service and custom are two of the core concepts motivating everything we do. As a result, we're perfectly equipped to help you manage any portion of your business from content strategy and coordination to marketing campaigns and software development. We can even work closely with our dedicated team of business development experts to analyze your business plan and find ways to supercharge your current strategy to bring even more explosive results.

Take your business to the next level

You've made the right moves and watched your physical business rock it. Maybe you're even already happy with part of your performance online. But just "Good" is never good enough. You're already looking for the next move, the next strategy, the next expansion or adjustment that will shoot your metrics sky high and shatter all previous records. We're with you.

Together, we can find the strategies and solutions to meet and exceed your expectations. Then we'll help you implement those strategies from concept to launch and beyond, ensuring real results that are out of this world.

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