David Minin

Lead Developer
Bringing years of experience from his consulting work and his time at eBay, David will be your go to person for anything technical that will be required in your projects.

Svetlana Davidchuk

QA Analyst
With expertise in marketing, professional writing, social media and admin work, Svetlana will be your expert on any campaign requiring regular management.

Michael Bilardo

A Canadian entrepreneur, web designer, digital marketer, and luxury real estate specialist. Michael brings the expertise to manage and launch your next idea from start to finish.

Daniel Ruginets

Lead Designer
A UX/UI specialist Daniel focuses on creating genuine human experiences in all his work. His focus on story telling and graphic design will craft your business into the digital realm.

Nikita Shorikov

Creative Director
Nikita is an expert at fleshing out creative visions and bringing them to life. With a specialty in branding and an inclination towards thinking outside the box, your project is sure to turn out unforgettable.